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This blog was written by Surprise Gift Co. creative gifts./Shannon

You Got This!

I know that “You Got This” is a popular catch phrase right now. It’s encouraging, empowering, motivating, and of course short and sweet. But sometimes it gives me a totally bad vibe. Like when I am trying to talk to my kids about budgeting their money (yes I do talk to them about things other than creative gifts) and I hear “don’t worry Mom, I got this,” or when you ask someone about their relationship with God and you get a “Oh you don’t need to worry about me, I got this.” That just makes me cringe! You got this, isn’t always the mindset we should have. Sometimes those words come from a prideful place in our hearts. ¬†God doesn’t always want us to “have it.” When we can openly admit that we don’t know the next step to take and we desperately need his direction; we are right where he wants us, open and willing to let him take the lead. It’s the same with our kids, we know that we have the knowledge and life experience to help them in making adult decisions and when they eagerly accept those words of wisdom from us we feel more comfortable that they are on the right path. Being able to accept advice and put it to use is a sign of maturity. And an ill placed “I Got This” can be a sign of over confidence. Now with that being said. Confidence is a great character trait. God definitely wants us to be assured of who we are in Him and in the life he has given us. But to be honest with you I fall on the other side of the spectrum of this issue, the “I don’t got this” group, which can be just as big of a problem. Luckily I have my husband and my friends who push me to try new things, take risks, and put myself out there. Such as “pack a bag, we’re leaving for a few days” “where are we going?” “we’ll figure it out when we get there” (actual conversation!) “Let’s start a business” “do you think you can write cute and funny insert cards for our boxes” “how about giving a video testimony at church on Mothers Day!” AAAAHHHHH! If you asked me if I thought I could do any of those things the answer would be a big heck no!! So He’s using people close to me to stretch me and grow me into a more confident woman. Because He knows that his plan for my life requires a little dose of the “You got this” reminder muttered under my breath now and then. I’m just saying there’s a time and a place for everything, even a mug worthy motto.

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