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About Us

Our FounderAt Surprise Gift Co we believe People should feel celebrated and special on the important occasions in their life.

Let’s be honest, impersonal gift cards and last minute gift bags do not create the most memorable gift giving experience…. A Surprise gift in the mail is like sending a box of happiness and sunshine and smiles!

We have Surprise Gift Boxes for all occasions such as

“People will forget what you did but they will not forget how you made them feel”
– Maya Angelou

Surprise-Gift-Co-Thank-You-3_f7c03c7d-c26c-424f-b53f-a0bdfeba3152_grandeLife is busy, and getting busier… As a wife, mom of 4, Realtor and Pastor’s wife I understand! I love giving gifts yet all too often I have stopped at the corner drugstore for the last minute birthday gift and stuffed it in a gift bag while stopped in traffic. I presented that gift with the best of intentions but it certainly did not accomplish how I hoped to make the person feel, which is special and important. Instead it said “I meant to get you a gift but in between writing up a contract for a client and getting dinner on the table before the kids basketball game, I forgot… ”

We take gifting very seriously, let us provide the Surprise for everyone on your gift giving list!

Why Surprise Gift Co?

Because People Love To Get Surprises in the Mail!

Who doesn’t love getting a gift in the mail? An unexpected one at that! Remember your childhood when you would run out to check the mail in hopes of receiving something? As we get older the excited anticipation is nearly gone. Checking the mail equates to bills & junk mail, it has lost its appeal… But not anymore

With Surprise Gift Co we are bringing the Joy and Happiness back to the Mail

Some days you get more wonderfulness than you expected.They say that giving a gift is the gift itself… Imaging how much fun sending a Surprise Gift will be?!

and its simple to send…

Creativity + Convenience = CELEBRATION!!!!

You are busy so leave the work and creative gifting to us. Each Surprise Gift Box has been thoughtfully curated with the recepient in mind. You can pick the perfect gift for every occasion on your gift giving list such as Birthdays, Thank You’s, Holidays, Weddings, Housewarming, Cheer Up, Congratulations, Just Because and More! Just Pick a gift, Send and Celebrate!