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Happy Birthday Box

Happy Birthday Box

Mugs, birthday books, fun crafts, heartfelt letters, and additional surprises to fill a smile over and over.

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How It Works

  1. Choose the person you want to wow.
  2. Choose the gift that works best for them.
  3. Surprise them with an amazing gift!

“Giving gifts is the real gift itself.”

Surprise Gift Box


What people are saying about Surprise Gift Co

  • testimonial1I love this whole company so much! Perfect for my family members that love getting surprises, and I love getting to watch their faces when they get these creative boxes in the mail. – Katie L
  • testimonial2These gifts are perfect for the clients I want to wow and stay in their top of mind. A must have for any business professional! – Cliffann Y
  • testimonial3We love using Surprise Gift Co for any and all of our gift giving needs. Families, friends, everyone! It really puts the excitement back into giving and receiving gifts! – Harmon & Jean D

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