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This “Dessert” blog was written by Surprise Gift Co/Shannon

Dessert First

If dessert was a food group, I’d totally be killing it. It’s kind of been my thing my whole life. But I never realized the extent of my obsession until Lisa and I had to start planning photo shoots. I mean, every time she asks me if I have any cute pic ideas I find myself suggesting bakeries! Even doing drive-bys to see if inside they have pink walls framed by sweet treats😳.
I grew up in Kentucky, and when I was a little girl I stayed with my grandparents most every weekend. Friday after school we would head over there in time for dinner and TV game shows. Saturdays were for garage saleing, yard work, going to the library or going to festivals (think craft shows combined with carnival food and rides) and Saturday evenings without fail, we went to Baskin-Robbins. I still dearly love that place❤️. So somewhere in my developing brain ice cream irreversibly linked itself to happiness🙃. Ice cream is still my dessert of choice, it’s a tossup between a double scoop of peanut butter chocolate and bubblegum from good old Baskin-Robbins or a chocolate dipped waffle cone filled with cheesecake ice cream mixed with blueberries from Marble Slab. Now, although ice cream IS my go to, I don’t completely discriminate, I love a good donut, cookie, brownie, cupcake or slice of pie too. I’m no food blogger but my love of sweets has to count for something! So I decided to make a list of my favorite desserts and where they can be found:

1. Baskin-Robbins-see above
2. Marble Slab Creamery-see above
3. Cheesecake Factory-Godiva chocolate cheesecake
4. Red Rock Canyon-keylime pie
5. Bricktown Brewery-brownie sundae
6. Custard King-Hawaiian delight
7. Siegi’s– sacher torte
8. Jarams Donuts-strawberry nutella cronut (sorry this one’s in Dallas) but oh so amazing!
9. Waffle Champion-Fools gold (this one’s in Oklahoma City) worth the line
10. PF Changs-Great Wall of chocolate
11. Chocolate Secrets-popcorn macaron (Dallas too)

I would love to find new places to love so Please Please Please send me your suggestions to

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