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This dog blog was written by Surprise Gift Co/Shannon Shaffer

It’s a beautiful Saturday, and instead of being outside enjoying this perfect 80° weather that only happens like five times a year in Oklahoma, I’m sitting at the laundromat. Yes, you heard me correctly, the laundromat. And it’s all because of my dog. Let me start this story by saying I’m not really an animal person. I know, I know I can’t believe I just publicly admitted that. And there’s not really some great personal reason either, like as a child I was bit by a dog or anything. I just don’t like pet hair! So about eight years ago after years of begging and pleading by my three children we caved and got a dog. My kids reasoned their way into this “perfect for our family little dog.” Mom you’re gonna love him, he doesn’t shed. Mom he’s small so he won’t eat much. Mom he’s hypoallergenic. And the best one, mom we will pay for everything for him for his whole life! Bahahaha! Don’t worry, I didn’t agree based on that last great reason, I knew that would never last. So, we got a dog. An adorable little fluffy Maltese puppy. Things went well for quite awhile. He was super easy to potty train, the kids worked out a schedule for rotating nights of who he would sleep with. Life with this dog seemed pretty easy. Fast forward four years. It’s a big day at our house, like a really big day. Both of our daughters were in homecoming court as sophomore and senior attendants. I took off of work, we got up early and had a whole girls day planned. We went to a cute little breakfast bistro, had nail, hair and make up appointments, and then I got the call. While sitting in the salon watching my girls get made into princesses our little Samson had gotten out into the front yard and was attacked by a German Shepherd. My husband and son were rushing him to the animal hospital. At this point I made a decision not to tell my girls until after the homecoming ceremony. I knew it would completely ruin the special day for them. So I’m smiling and telling them how beautiful they look, while getting text updates on our poor dog having emergency surgery. My son who was only 12 at the time, stayed with Samson during the entire thing because he couldn’t bear to walk away😢.  Samson made it through the surgery, and came home full of staples, stitches and drain tubes. And after the whole homecoming event I broke the news to my girls. Complete devastation ensued.  So we rushed home to see the dog and couldn’t believe this poor little creature was still alive. He looked pathetic. Over the next few weeks we really thought we would lose Samson; he had to go back for more surgeries because the skin around his wounds kept turning black and dying😷. He was a mess. But he did make it, much to everyone’s relief!! And now we have a little white dog with dark scars all over his back, stomach and sides. So back to the reason I’m sitting in a laundromat today. As if all of that wasn’t enough, this same little dog has developed the worst allergies over the years. He has chronic ear infections that have to be treated with daily drops, and for some reason this summers allergy season has really hit him harder than ever. It started with a couple of hot spots on his front paws and over the last month has turned into completely bald legs covered in staff and yeast infections! SO GROSS😷. So bright and early this morning, we went back to the vet and came home with $215 less in our account and four different types of medicine to give out twice a day. Just the thought of him laying on anything in my house has had me washing every blanket, rug and towel we own. I even threw out pillows!! The problem is my giant comforter won’t fit in my washer, which is of course what brings me here today. After all that, I can still say I am not an animal person, but apparently somewhere along the way Samson stopped being an animal and became a family member😊.