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This Dreams blog was written by Surprise Gift Co/Shannon


I am a dreamer, and no I’m not just talking about shopping and dessert! I seriously have the weirdest dream imagination, and it’s on a regular basis. People have a crazy dream now and then, but I seem to have them with a consistent frequency.
I also have God-given dreams, maybe we all do and only some of us remember them, but I feel like God uses dreams to speak to me, to grab my attention per se. I’ve had quite a few of them over the years and sometimes I share them, and other times I think, “that one I better keep to myself or people will seriously wonder about my sanity, especially if they already did a little bit”!
I thought I’d share a couple of them today, and I would love your feedback if you like to dabble in interpreting dreams or if you have a dream that would totally make me feel more normal!
Dream 1:
OK so this first dream is rather odd and maybe a little hard to explain in enough detail for you to get the picture in your head, but I’ll try. I had been married for about five or six years when I dreamed that I was standing up on a very high hill with my husband Michael, the colors in this dream where ultra vivid, almost neon like, as we stood there looking down at the trees, and the land, and the Earth, everything started to melt, sort of like crayons running, all the colors mixing together. I was scared. I didn’t know what was happening, but as I clung to my husband I remember feeling like God was telling me Michael needed to be who I turned to and who I counted on, that I would always have him even when others came and left my world. Woah! That was weird, but thinking back, that dream came at a time where I would still call my mom when I needed to talk. I knew if there was ever something I needed I could go to my parents for it, and I gave my children one hundred percent of my attention and love. I believe God was letting me know Michael needed to be my number one (after God of course).
Dream 2:
This one came many years later. There are some in between that I’m not even sure how to write about or describe to someone, but this one is easy. About five years ago I dreamed I was hanging from a bar over a busy city street. I was by myself and holding on for dear life. I knew if I fell I would be killed instantly, so I’m hanging on with slipping sweaty hands and a voice, God’s voice, says to me “let go” well of course I didn’t, but he persisted, “let go” after probably four times I finally did, only to find out that the ground was only inches below my feet!! Now I’m going to guess that I had this dream because I was raising two teenage daughters and having a terrible time learning I can’t control everything! The reason I decided to write this blog today about dreams is because last night I had another, it was a very troubling dream and woke me up shaken but assured that there is an end to hard times. My family is going through some trials with one of our adult children now. I’m not quite ready to share, but I know God will carry us through this. His dreams open my mind up to see His possibilities can become my realities. I just need to trust and wait in His presence. God is so good to me!! And I love knowing He’s working on me even when I sleepšŸ˜“!