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This “Free Shipping” blog was written by Surprise Gift Co/Lisa

Over the years I have come to look forward to my favorite sounds that kick start the holiday season beginning with Michael Buble’ singing Christmas Carols in my car… I love to hear someone say to me… Lisa your Gingerbread Latte is ready at the counter, There are Christmas Cookies at the office or I bought you a gift! There is so much to enjoy but ultimately I have two favorite words I like to see around Christmas… FREE SHIPPING!

Yes I have officially joined the ranks of women who are busy. I am not talking about the “I have a lot to do today” kind of busy but the kind that says “I need to get up and move a mountain before my keurig can spout out its first cup of coffee” kind of busy. It’s the kind of busy that has turned me into an online shopper, obsessively perusing through online sites until I find the perfect gifts and then hoping that nothing happens to me for the next 3-5 days until everything arrives on my doorstep.

As a stay at home mom when my kids were younger I used to buy and sell kids clothing online so the UPS man would make frequent stops by the house. One day the Ups man was greeted with something I am certain he will not forget… My 4 kids loved to play dress up, especially Kelson. We had all the goods from ballerina costumes to superhero’s but Kelson’s favorite costume was the Christian soldier and that was his go to dress up. This particular morning they had all asked to play dress up and were in the other room when the doorbell rang. Now I really tried my best to teach my kids that you can’t open the door without mommy, stranger danger, etc… but in my house when the doorbell rang it was like a stampede and my kids were suddenly Olympic sprinters. I was not uncommon to arrive at the door seconds behind them and they would be having joyful conversations with the Pizza man, practically inviting him to stay and eat. This day the UPS man was greeted by 2 dancers and Batman (Kelson was not at the door….unusual) Once I got through the kids to sign for my package I noticed the UPS guy was trying to suppress laughter and was looking just over my shoulder into the house. When I turned around there was Kelson who had shown up on the scene in his dress up clothes only this time he had not chosen his favorite soldier costume. Kelson had gone into my room and he had dressed himself up in every undergarment I own, from head to toe he had strung my bra’s and underwear all over his little body like he had just decorated a Christmas Tree. It wasn’t as if he has just grabbed a few things off the top of the drawer, it looked like he had dug deep and found things I should have gotten rid of years ago…..

God has brought me a long way since those days at home with the kids and It reminds me that we all need to dig deep in our life, clear out the clutter and focus on the reason for the season and all that the Lord has brought us through for another year. His gift, after all, is better than cookies and carols… it’s free (like the shipping!) After that day I did rearrange my drawers just a bit and move some things to higher ground. Sometimes I miss the dress up days… Lucie, our miniature doxie, does not seem so excited about her reindeer ears……