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This “Hey Mom” blog was written by Surprise Gift Co/Lisa

When my 4 kids were younger this is how mornings started for me.. Mom can I have some cereal? I don’t want cereal I want a pop tart. Not pop tarts, again, I want some pancakes. No I don’t like pancakes, will you make some waffles? Mom we’ll just have cereal. Hey mom we are out of milk…..

I’m not sure about you, but listening to that many voices all before 7:45 AM made me want to crawl back into bed and get a restart.

It’s changed a bit in my house over the years, it sounds more like Hey mom I need some money for lunch, gas, books, contacts, basketball, my date (uh, no) nail polish, dinner, shoes, Starbucks, movies, clothes, jeep parts, hairspray…. And this was just this week.

It is no wonder I have perfected the fine art of “tuning out”. I am actually quite good according to my family.. mom, mom, momma, hey mom, LISA.. and my head pops up! If only my family could come up with something different, such as “hey beautiful” and they would immediately have my attention.

There was a time tuning out did not work at all in my favor… When Kelson was a toddler he came into the kitchen, where I was whipping up the mac & cheese and cooking my food on a stick, completely tuned out as I remember because Barney the purple dinosaur was singing I love you, you love me for about the 16th time that day…. he held up his finger to me and said boo-boo. Looking down I noticed there were no blood, no big tears, and no big brother in the background about to explain how it wasn’t his fault. So I promptly kissed his little finger, gave him a smile and patted his little head. I turned my attention back to retrieving the sticks before burning and I noticed Kelson remained there looking a bit confused with his little finger still pointing at me. I let him know he was fine and he says to me… momma not boo-boo, poo-poo…. Unfortunately for me it was not a boo-boo but a dirty diaper….

Some would say I should be listening better by now especially once I have learned my lesson and kissed poopy fingers by mistake but my husband was just telling me this week how I get so absorbed in my job, my phone and the things I am working on that I don’t notice conversations around me. It’s true Real Estate is a profession that keeps you working unusual hours, and I am a busy mom and pastors wife so there is a lot to keep up with but I’m learning its not the most important thing. Family, friends and conversation can’t be recreated once the time has past. The next morning after my husbands comment I was reading my Beth Moore bible study for the day and this is an excerpt from that day “We leave someone sitting before us, waiting while we “finish one more thing” on our phone. But that’s just it; we never seem to finish. People in our lives need our full attention, after all it’s the face to face that helps us know the heart to heart is real. Lesson Learned. Just as I was finishing my study Brooklin was leaving for class, she hollered back as she was leaving, Hey mom don’t forget we are out of milk… yes I heard:)