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This “Mom” blog was written by Surprise Gift Co/Lisa

Mom I can’t find my keys… Mom have you seen my backpack? Mom where are my basketball shorts? Mom what did you do with my permission slip? Hey mom I can’t find Kelson….. (Now this one should strike me as alarming since my oldest daughter has lost her little brother!) I have a lot of titles in my life; that of Wife, Pastor’s Wife, Realtor, and most importantly, Mom… which often equates to “the finder of all lost things. It was just recently when one of my kids told me they couldn’t find their garage door opener that I thought…OH NOO… not the garage door opener….

It may seem strange for some but the garage door opener holds a very special place in my heart and it has been something that I have taken pride in not just owning but also giving to each of my kids…

Growing up I lived in so many different apartment complexes I have lost count; a resident “apartment kid” all I ever knew was crowded parking lots, tiny kitchens and noisy neighbors overhead, you know the kind where you hit the ceiling with your broom handle to help them remember that people are trying to sleep just one floor below? There were small patio spaces instead of yards; pets were out of the question and so were birthday parties, there just was not enough room. As I grew older, especially once I had begun to drive, I became more aware of the things I was missing out on in an apartment, such as having a garage, mostly during those Oklahoma winters. Apartment life was all I ever knew, and all that my mom had known as well. A single mom raising 2 kids, she worked very hard to provide for us and keep her family together. As I grew older I remember how much I enjoyed getting to spend time at friend’s homes, they had space and yards and their own private driveway!

It took a lot of years and a whole lot of apartments later but I remember the day my husband and I bought our first home. I find it hard to explain how proud I was to finally have my own home, a place to call my very own. It was not just the home though; it was also my driveway, my yard, my garage and my very own garage door opener!!

I wonder if things would have been different for my mom if someone had helped to show her the path to home ownership sometime during all those apartment dwelling years, if she has only known it was within her reach. Yes she certainly had obstacles to overcome, but they were just that, obstacles, and they could be overcome. We all have dreams and desires and many, such as home ownership, are worth pursuing. Now I am off to pursue Lucie…. She’s our dog and Kalli says she can’t find her……