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This Step Two blog was written by Surprise Gift Co/Shannon

Step Two

When Michael and I met we were 18 years old and living as non-Christians,even though we were both raised to know better. We married at 19, had our first baby at 20, bought a house at 21, had another baby at 22, got saved at 23, and had our last baby at 24!! That’s a lot to squeeze into seven years and I don’t want the getting saved part to get lost in the middle, but that’s where it happened for us and probably a lot of other people too.  It’s not like we knew we were even missing something. We were just living. Like everyone else around us.  Raising kids, paying bills, cooking dinner, going to work, and getting up the next morning to do it all over again. But Michael and I had this desire to raise our kids in church. I actually think that’s why a lot of young families start attending church. We had this idea that for some reason it was just the right thing to do. So we tried out a few churches around our apartment not really finding anything that “felt right.” Michael worked a rotating schedule of 12 hour shifts of four days on and four days off, one week of days and one week of nights, and it really sucked! There were lots of Sundays I didn’t go anywhere because I didn’t want to go alone. Then one day Michael’s older sister invited me to church with her and I loved it! I went every Sunday and Michael went when he was not working. I was learning new things and meeting new people, it was great. A few months later we had our second daughter and the church gave the biggest baby shower for us you could imagine. I felt so humbled, I mean I barely knew these people and they had just supplied us with enough diapers and wipes to last three months! Have I mentioned we were really poor?! One Sunday morning not long after that we were singing a song called “The Mercy Seat” and I just couldn’t stop crying and I didn’t know why. I wasn’t sad, I had never experienced anything like that before. After service I went home to try to forget about it, but that very next Sunday evening it was sung again and the pastor said to come to the front to be prayed for if you want to give or rededicate your life to the Lord. So to the front I went! Wouldn’t it be nice if I could tell you everything has been perfect in my life since that day I chose Jesus? But that’s just not reality.  I have been through the ringer a few times, but I have God in my life and on my side and because of my knowledge of that, I know he will carry me through anything I face!  I have some really good stories about those tough times and how I’m learning to not be such a fearful person. Maybe next week I’ll share one!