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This Step One blog was written by Surprise Gift Co/Shannon

Step One

My husband Michael and I met a month before I turned 19. We had both gone to a little 18 and over country and western club/bar with our friends called the “Cadillac Ranch.”
I had graduated from Jenks High School and was attending TCC till I figured out what I wanted to do with my life. He was working full-time and going to school to be an EMT. I can honestly say I made the first move! When I saw that big tall guy in a cowboy hat across the room I thought, I need to know him😍. So I squeezed through the crowd and maneuvered my way next to him for line dancing for the rest of the night. After awhile he finally talked to me! There was no way that I was going to say something first!  Anyway, by closing time we agreed to meet there again the next weekend. My week was so slow, I was so excited for Friday night to hurry up and get here. I got all dolled up, boots and Rockies, which is ridiculous because I’ve never been a country girl. I’m sure you’ve figured out by now I’m kind of the opposite of country. Girly girl to the extreme sometimes. So I get there (Cadillac Ranch) and there he is! All 6’2, dark blonde hair, blue eyes of him😍 I make my way over to him and guess what? He calls me by the wrong name! “Hey, it’s Ashley isn’t it?” Um no……..😭💔
Did that deter me? Heck no I was 18, duh! He was different than anyone I had ever met before. He had a real job, had lived out on his own AND I had a feeling my parents wouldn’t approve. So that sealed the deal! I was in love❤️! The first time I invited Michael over to meet my parents was a couple weeks later. They were hosting a business dinner for some clients and it happened to be Valentine’s Day! He asked me what he should wear and I of course told him his boots, ginormous belt buckle and cowboy hat! What??! Let’s just say that was a very awkward evening. 😬
Michael and I dated for the next 10 months and then decided to get married.  So that’s how our love story began. I’ll save the next almost 22 crazy years of marriage for future posts. Except to tell you that my parents love, respect and appreciate Michael very much now! They just needed to get to know him!