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This “Sleep” blog was written by Surprise Gift Co/Shannon

Ridiculous Reasons to Lose Sleep

So tomorrow morning we have a photo shoot for Surprise Gift Co. It’s just of the new products. I don’t even have to worry about what I’m going to wear. I’m not even in the pictures. But yet here I am laying in bed wide awake next to a snoring husband thinking a million crazy little thoughts like:
Should I wear fake eyelashes?
I wonder if we could find one of those cute pool floaties for a pic?
Flowers, yes flowers would be nice.
I really would love to have some pale pink bath towels.
Hey Antoinette’s Baking Company is over there by the studio. I’ve been dying to have lunch there and they won’t be out of macarons that early in the day!
Is it weird to bring a bike into the studio?
Oh yeah remember that shirt you wanted to order from Daisy Natives “Cute but kinda weird” I totally need that shirt in my life.
It’s 2 AM. I’ve got to go to sleep.
Breathe in, breathe out, breathe in, breath out. Ok let the relaxation begin. Clear your mind. Almost there……
I wonder if Lisa is awake yet?😳
Does anyone else have this problem? I even googled how to fall asleep fast and came up with ridiculous suggestions like exercise😂! So here it is, the list I’m gonna try next time I have a night like this:
1. Curl your toes
2. Drink cherry juice
3. Perform a routine specific to bedtime (their example) listen to Enya and rub your nose
4. Listen to sleep hypnosis podcasts
5. Think of what you did in the morning and chronologically work your way back through the whole day
6. Tell yourself you are going to stay awake all night. Your brain will rebel!
And last but not least:
7. Close your eyes and roll them backwards it tricks your brain into thinking your falling asleep
Hey I’m completely open to suggestions, email your best tricks and tips to
Happy sleeps😴

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