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This blog was written by Surprise Gift Co./Shannon

Is it just me?

Raising teenagers is the hardest thing ever. I deal with this thing I like to call “parental failure guilt.” It’s where the devil whispers to me “she wouldn’t have done that if you had taken more time to read the bible together”. Or ” they wouldn’t make those choices if you had prayed harder”.  And honestly a lot of the time I fall for it. Because there is partial truth in what Satan has to say. If it was ridiculously outlandish no one would believe him. But satan knows the best way to reel us in is with bits of truth wrapped in ugly lies.  I SHOULD have read the bible more with my kids and helped them apply it to their personal lives. But who wouldn’t say the same? I believe when satan realizes he won’t get you to stop believing in God, he goes with plan b, stop believing in yourself. He can’t keep you from going to heaven but he’s sure gonna try to keep you from leading a happy fulfilled life here on earth. See when we are filled with self doubt and regrets how can we speak up to tell of the joy he has placed in our hearts. How can we well represent that certain something that non believers see in us and naturally want in their lives? God has spoken to me many times and said to me ” you are enough,” “you’ve done you’re very best” and I know one day when I get to meet my Heavenly Father he will tell me well done good and faithful servant. But until I’m there I rely on him to get me through those moments when I let myself think what if….
So IS it just me, or do most moms experience this?
I know that we all doubt our abilities and regret decisions we have made, but sometimes it’s more than that. Discouragement has a way of sinking into our hearts and restructuring our opinions about ourselves. I have a group of women at my church that I meet with weekly.  We come together to encourage each other, learn together, and remind one another of Gods faithfulness. Without godly women in my life I can’t imagine what a wreck I would be. When I was young and still newly married with small children I didn’t really have time for close friendships. We went to church and I had friends there, but it wasn’t like I would call them up for prayer or anything more than a play date. But the older I get and the longer I know my Lord I know those connections with other women are extremely important. They are sometimes the bonds that keep us from self destruction. I hope that in times of discouragement and times of joy you have a group of positive women to gather around you and be your support. If not come try our church! Tulsa Faith!

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