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Lisa and I have been close friends for 9 years, well…. she IS my pastor’s wife so it took awhile for me to let her see the real me in all my weirdness. So I guess I should say we’ve “known” each other for 9 years but really became close friends like a couple of days or so ago. Just kidding😉.

Lisa is awesome. We clicked right from the start. Our mutual love for M&M’s, Hot Tamales, and Jesus really sealed the deal. And nothing made that yin and yang friendship more obvious than our last road trip.

Reason #1: We both like to eat a couple small meals a day and snack on candy the rest of the time. That really works for me, ya know? When I’m with my husband we have to actually stop what we are doing find a restaurant we can agree on, go sit down and eat like a full meal, and usually more than once!

Reason #2: Lisa and I both naturally wake up kind of early and get our day started. Not Michael(that’s my husband) he likes to sleep late and wake up nice and slow, real slow.

Reason #3:   I take a shower at night, Lisa takes a shower in the morning.

It just makes sense!

This is why we’re friends!